a pale petal

a pale petal is a Thai designer label that is known for its line of signature pleated bags. It is made for the aesthetic admirer who appreciates simplicity and functionality in design.

Same year in 2020, a Thai designer brand - [a pale petal] has appointed ATO as its exclusive distributor in Hong Kong. a pale petal is well-known and recognised by fans over the world with its excellent craftsmanship presented on their bags. 

Accordion Pleats Straight is a pale petal signature!  Pleating is the art of folding fabric into different shapes creating differences in volume and texture. And the creation of Pleating is all hand-crafted production. 

The choice of materials is achieved with 100% polyester, which the brand has their own secret by layered interfacing fabric, and it turns out to be the best of holding pleats even after being washed.



Designer's story

Upon graduation in 2014 from the School of Architecture and Design, Ms. Chavika Srisuan began designing a line of handbags with the key aesthetic of simplicity. With the use of basic bag shapes and signature pleat details, the a pale petal bag is instantly recognisable and now coveted by customers worldwide.