Magic · Circle - Kunzite 2 in 1 Necklace




Kunzite is the pink to lavender purple variety of Spodumene.

It is a highly spiritual stone, connecting to the source of unconditional love, producing loving thought and action. Kunzite centers the holder, projecting a sense of deep peace. Kunzite is a high vibrational stone and can be used to go into a deep, meditative state. Kunzite centers, enhances creativity and self-expression.

Kunzite is a stone of romantic love, good for communication of love when you are nervous, as well as for healing heartaches. It is also a stone of self-love, promoting humility and self-tolerance. Kunzite can strengthen the human energy field, clear the aura, and clear negative energy from a room or environment.

Material:  925 Sterling Silver - 18K Rose Gold Plated
Stone size:  6mm Kunzite
Length: 15"+2"